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Encyclopaedia of the Ukrainian Diaspora and Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain

This site is based on work undertaken originally in the context of a project to produce a multi-volume Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Diaspora (EUD) about Ukrainians in countries around the world. The project was initiated in 1987 under the auspices of mainly the Shevchenko Scientific Society (USA). In 1988 an editorial office was established in Chicago under the leadership of editor-in-chief Vasyl Markus (1922-2012). In the same year work began in the United Kingdom on the gathering of information for the British component of the EUD.

Within the framework of a co-operation agreement concluded in 2003 between the EUD editorial office and the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, it was decided to set up this site as a means of publishing individual articles as they are produced. The first articles were published in August 2008. The site’s editorial team comprises Roman Krawec (London, chief editor), Ludmila Pekarska (London) and Roman Syrota (Lviv, Ukraine).

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Since its inception, a considerable number of people in the UK have contributed to the project. From 1988 to 2002 Jaroslaw Hawrych (†), as the UK representative of the EUD editorial office, coordinated work on the British component of the EUD. Over several years Dorota Szkromyda was the UK project administrator. Various other people, some of whom are sadly no longer with us, have made significant contributions to research for the project and the production of articles on this site, in particular:

Dmytro Bartkiw (†), Wasyl Boreckyj, Edward Brodacky (†), Michael Dobriansky (†), Wolodymyr Gockyj (†), Georgius Jenkala (†), Yuriy B. Kovaliv, Oleksa Kurlak, Nina Martschenko, Iwanna Maszczak, Lubomyr Mazur, Wasyl Oleskiw, Roman Panas, Vera Smereka (†), Wasyl Tomkiw, Jaroslaw Wasyluk, Constantine Zelenko (†).

The editorial team is indebted to those mentioned above, as well as to all others who have contributed to the project in the past and all who support it.